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Colin McLaren 1959 - 2010

Colin worked tirelessly for nearly 20 years to improve the quality of drinking water supplies in Scotland and was appointed as DWQR in 2005. Always motivated by his desire to protect public health he worked with the water industry to secure significant improvements in the reliability and safety of public water supplies. He contributed greatly to the advancement of drinking water science around the world, sharing his expertise with organisations such as the World Health Organisation, the European Union and the United Nations. This was particularly so with small community drinking water supplies and he was very keen that other countries might benefit from Scotland’s experience in this area. Colin’s support for the work in Malawi in particular was appreciated at all levels in the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Development and the University of Malawi and he leaves a legacy for this developing nation through the people still working there.

Colin will be greatly missed by all his friends, colleagues and the wider water industry across the world. His professionalism, quiet charm, overriding sense of fairness and gentle, easygoing nature won him many friends and meant that he was a pleasure to work with . As the Drinking Water Quality Regulator he was firm but extremely fair and was liked and respected in equal measure by staff at Scottish Water. His team are continuing his work to ensure Scottish water supplies are safe to drink and have the trust of consumers, but Colin will be hugely missed by all. Our thoughts are with his family.